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About me


Higher Education Professor: Teaching experience in psychology, education, the humanities, ethics, research-development, vocational education, personal and professional development, community/organizational development.



Bachelor of Arts (BA): Anthropology/Linguistics, 1963, Wheaton, College, Wheaton, Illinois.

Master of Counseling (MC): Career Development, 1989, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ: Research Thesis--Relation of Vertical/Lateral Eye Movements to Work/Vocational Interest Preferences.

Certified DISC Trainer/Distributor & Consultant; PERFORMAX/Carlson Learning Co.: comparative study of multiple personality inventories, 1983ff; Lifelong learning assessment and planning; personal and professional development for individuals and groups: 1985-Present.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): Measurement, Statistics, and Evaluation in Education with a Specialty in the Foundations of Education, 1997, The Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio: Dissertation--Learning Styles: The Key to Learning Strategies Management.


Bachelor of Divinity (DB), 1966, Theology, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, Mass.

Brite Divinity School, TCU, Ft. Worth, Texas: Advanced Pastoral Care Studies. 1972-1973.

Association for Clinical-Pastoral Education (ACPE):
Reflective practice based curriculum: 440 contact hours/quarter--1760 hours /45 hours per sem hour equivalent=39.1 equivalent sem hours.
1. Two nine month extended quarters of CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) (1974-1976):
A. Wesley Medical Center, Wichita, Kansas: one quarter.
B. VA Hospital, Wichita, Kansas: one quarter.
2. Good Samaritan Hospital, Phoenix, AZ (1978-1979): two full time quarters--advanced standing level.

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.), 1978, Community/Organizational Development, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA. Dissertation/Project: Community Trust Building: Problems and Prospects among the Blackfeet Indians of Browning, Montana, 1977-1978.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), 1984, Counseling/Psychology/Mind Science, Golden State University, San Diego, CA: Dissertation: An Operational Theory of
Wellness: A Diverse Dimensional Perspective with an Integrated/Multi-Faceted Model.

Fellow--College of Chaplains/Association of Professional Chaplains: Certificate Number 1478--1982-2001.


Professional teaching activities have included teaching and/or approval to teach specific classes at the following schools:
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University; ERAU School of Corporate Training & Professional Development; Park University; Turtle Mountain Community College; Lake Region Community College, University of North Dakota, Moorhead State University, North Dakota State University, Minot State University, & Northcentral University--Assistant Professor.

Specific teaching topics/areas include:
Ethics, organizational development, psychology, communication, organizational culture, cross-cultural studies, group dynamics, counseling, social research methods, creativity, learning/teaching styles, foundations of education, multicultural education, problem-based teaching and learning, personal assessment and development, professional planning and development, aging, stress management, wellness development, and community development.

Areas of consulting include:
Personal, vocational, and professional development; educational services; organizational
development; bricolage work, & cosmology-futuristics.

Professional Associations:

KAPPA DELTA PI--International Honor Society, In Education: Professional MEMBER AT LARGE--2007ff

Voting Member: American Educational Research Association, 1230 17th St. NW, Washington DC 20036 (202) 223-9485: Professional Interests: Adult Education/Development; Learning Process/Strategies; Art-Based Educational Research.

Member: Organizational Development Network, 71 Valley Street, Suite 301, South Orange, NJ 07079-2825: PH: 973-763-7337, FAX: 973-763-7488; Email: odnetwork@ODNetwork.org; ONLINE: www.ODNetwork.org. Professional interests: Management Style Analysis and Training; Professional Development; Organizational Ethics.

Member (Comprehensive): Association for Supervision
and Curriculum Development (ASCD). 1703 N. Beauregard St., Alexandria, VA 22311-1714. (800) 933-2723/(703) 578-9600.

Member: Association of American Educators [AARGIV01]

Member (Full Time): American Association of Univ. Professors (AAUP). 1012 Fourteenth St, NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005. (202) 737-5900. www. aaup.org.

"Teachers College Record"

Topics of Continuing Interest in Research and Education [1980-Present]:

Personal life assessment and planning, wholistic health, crisis intervention, aging, ethics.

Career/professional development, work environments, small business management, networking, stress management, artistic foundations of education.

Groups, support groups for life/health problems, conflict management, community development, cross cultural values, diversity/minorities in the work place.

Communication, counseling, teaching, lateral brain traits, creativity, wellness development.



I. Classes Teaching or Taught at NCU--2004-Present:

Teaching at NCU is done within a mentoring model--one-to-one with each student (400+ learners mentored to date) in each class, sometimes with several in a class; facilitation of the doctoral research classes--chair of 25 committees, reader on 15 committees--includes facilitation and coaching over a period of 21 semester hours.

CT5001: The Teacher as Reflective Practitioner
CT5002: Learning Styles and Teaching Styles--
Strategies for Success
ED5026: Cognition, Emotion and Motivation
ED5030: Organizational Development
ELT7008: Online Learning Communities in an
Online Course
ESOL6002: Cultural Diversity
GTE6000: Research & Applications in GTE
GTE6001: Designing Curriculum for GTE
GTE6002: Evaluation of Gifted Programs
OL6010: Organizational Leadership Research Project
OL7003: Leadership for Excellence
OL7004: Theory and Practice of Organizational Leadership
OL7005: Ethical Leadership
Research/Dissertation [Chair/Reader--PhD, EdD]--ALL: RSH1000-4000E; RSH8951-8954E; DIS9007, 9017, 9027; Lead Mentor ('07ff): ED6001-2, 9005-6, 9019-20, 9029-30.

II. Lead Mentor (LM): Curriculum and Teaching (CT) :
CT Specialization Classes: 5000-5008:

"Working together for excellence in teaching!"
---Aaron Givan, 3/2006

CT5000-Curriculum & instruction Strategies--Paradigms and Practices
CT5001-The Teacher as Reflective Practitioner
CT5002-Learning Styles and Teaching Styles: Strategies for Success
CT5003-Principles of Teaching and Learning
CT5004-Foundations of Language and Literacy Education
CT5005-Literacy Teaching and Learning
CT5006-Multiple Intelligences and Ways of Learning
CT5007-The Classroom Managing and Organizing for Student Achievement
CT5008- High Stakes Testing: Implications for Teaching and Learning.

Courses Taught:
Personality Studies
Curriculum Development
Behavioral Inventories
Community/Organizational Development & Leadership
Personal & Professional Development
Ethical Theory and Applied Ethics
Values and Ethics
Ethics in Society
Multicultural Ethics
Computers and Society/Global Technology
Social Responsibility & Ethics in Management
Ethical Leadership
International Ethics
Goal Setting
Interdepartmental & Interpersonal Relations
Group Dynamics and Work Team Communications
Organizational Development
Strategic Vision and Planning
Leadership and Motivation
Managerial Communications
Community Relations
Professional Development
Staffing and Team Building
Business Ethics
Employee Training Programs

HISTORY OF TEACHING--1989-present:

SEE 'adjunctaarongivan.info'


Research Areas of Interest:

1. Personality Studies; Curriculum Development; Behavioral Inventories; Ethical Theory and Applied Ethics; Psychology; Community/Organizational Development & Leadership; Personal & Professional Development.

2. FROM Ph.D. Transcript:
Creativity; Learning Styles; Brain Studies; Test Anxiety; College Level; Lifelong Planning; Personal Growth Enhancement; Mentoring; Learning Strategies Management; Non-Discursive Models of Learning-Bricolage ; Story, Memoir; Social Construction of Knowledge ; Artistic Problem Solving; Creative Problem Solving ;Educational Foundations; Personal Life Planning; Work Environments; Groups ; Wellness; Wellness Development; Personal Narrative .

3. Ethics Topics:
Values and Ethics; Ethics in Society; Multicultural Ethics; Computers and Society/Global Technology; Business Ethics; Social Responsibility & Ethics in Management, Ethical Leadership, International Ethics.

Consulting, coaching, and facilitation since 1978 has been done within the context of large institutions--hospitals and church groups--using continuing education models, personal and professional counseling and professional development, group counseling, institutional interventions, including conflict management and leadership education. A 13 semester hour practicum in mentoring and coaching was part of the Ph.D. program of study at The Union Institute and University. The following items are examples of topics presented.

Seminar Offered to UND CE Dept: "Caring for the Care Giver"
Seminar Offered to NDSU CE Dept: "Teaching with Clarity"
Personal and Professional Development Services: Offered to US Air Force at MAFB
Seminar Offered to Five ND Hospitals as CE Seminar: "Managing Difficult People in the Work Place"
Aging Conference Funding: Wholisitc Conference on Alternatives for Aging in the USA
Wellness Conference Funding: Wholistic Community Development Conference--Crow Agency
ART in Education
Career Guidance Seminar
Posing the Question
Informed Consent ---Ethics
Varieties of Psychotherapy
Management Skills
Problem Solving
Introduction to Wellness
Marketing Education
Stress Management
Trance Seminar
Hypertension and Drugs
Sexuality and Stereotypes
Communication Styles
Wellness Modalities
Relaxation Skills
Burn-out Interventions


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Professional Related Services 1997 Public Opinion Surveys: Research and Development
Professional Related Services 1997 Foundations of Education: Theory and Model Development
Professional Related Services 1997 Diversity and Multiculturalism: Modeling and Applications in Educational Contexts
Professional Related Services 1997 Ethics in Education: Applications in Educational Transformation Contexts
Consulting 1999 Communication Skills Training for Volunteer Leaders of ND Special Olympics
Consulting 1999 Research Analysis and Modeling: Guidance and Planning for Dissertation Development--1996-1999.
Consulting 1999 Vocational Development Training: Three Mini-Seminars Presented on Four Rotations
Professional Conferences/Workshops 1999 Intro to Teaching Online (V-Campus)
Professional Certification 2001 College of Chaplains, APHA: Fellow, Cert # 1478--1982-2001
Consulting 2001 Conflict Management: Training and Interventions Applications
Professional Conferences/Workshops 2003 WebCT Certification
Professional Conferences/Workshops 2005 Blackboard Certification
Professional Conferences/Workshops 2005 Online (Syllabus) Developer Certification
Professional Conferences/Workshops 2006 Dissertation Management
Professional Conferences/Workshops 2006 Creating a Syllabus
Professional Conferences/Workshops 2006 Online Learner/Online Mentor
Consulting 2006 Artistic Foundations of Education: Modeling and Applications
Professional Memberships 2007 Kappa Delta Pi--Educational Honor Society: Professional Member at Large
Consulting 2007 Cross-cultural Education: Problem Solving in Latino Contexts
Professional Conferences/Workshops 2007 Comprehensive Doctoral Review Training
Professional Conference: Small Town Success Summit: Courageous Leadership, Strategic Planning--Appreciative Inquiry: A full day workshop with four work sessions and eight Round Table presentations. At Lake Region State College, Devils Lake, ND, 10-21-2008.

The Effects of Therapeutic Touch on Test Anxiety (Includes: Tests: A Questionnaire). Belcourt, N.D.: Aaron Givan, 1991. A Research proposal and pilot inventory on test anxiety. Based on work first completed in 1985 at Arizona State University, Tempe AZ.
Spirituality and Its Behavioral Traits/Markers--A Wholistic Model. Belcourt, N.D.: Aaron Givan, 1991. An assessment of spiritual behaviors using a wholistic point of view.
Personal Style Analysis Inventory. Belcourt, N.D.: Aaron Givan, 1991. A multi-form inventory of personality style.
A Personal Perspective on Quantitative/Qualitative Research Methods in Education. Derwood, MD: Aaron Givan, 1995.
Contextual Diversity: Assessment and Practice. Derwood, MD: Aaron Givan, 1995.
Computer Applications in Education: A Case Sampling of Epistemological Pluralism. Derwood, MD: Aaron Givan, 1995
Paradigm Diversity and the Integrated Balance of Educational Processes: A Whole-Person Viewpoint. Derwood, MD: Aaron Givan, 1995.
Matriarchal/Anima Dominance as a Balancing Factor in an Androgynous, Whole Person Approach to Teaching/Learning Principles and Strategies/Skills: A Beginning Handbook. Derwood, MD: Aaron Givan, 1995.
Education through Art/Art Principles-Practices as a Meta-Paradigm: Promoting Skill and Maturity in Mental, Ethical/Moral, and Aesthetic Knowledge and Development. Derwood, MD: Aaron Givan, 1996.
Laterality and Educational Practices: A Wholistic Approach. A. Givan, 1996. Derwood, MD.
The Essence/Essences of the Philosophical Foundations of Education approaching the Year 2000 A.D. Derwood, MD: A. Givan.
The Treatment of Test Anxiety in Children. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1996.
Emotional Inventory for Test Anxiety (EITE-LF; EITA-SF). A. Givan, 1996.Derwood, MD.
Reactive/Maladaptive Test Anxiety Inventory (R/MiAI). A. Givan, 1996.
A Circumplex Model of History: An Overview of the Historical Foundations of Education in the USA. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1996.
Educational Trait Index (ETI). A. Givan, 1996. 10 item & 30 item versions. Derwood, MD.
A Wholistic/Circumplex Approach to Test Item Writing and Polychotomous Scoring Procedures: A Continuing Education Module. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1996.
Selected Comparative Personality Values (Alpha-Delta) with Associated Teaching Styles and Strategies: A Lesson Plan Application Module. Derwood: A. Givan, 1996.
Test Anxiety--A Matter of Style. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1996.
A Psychological View of the Seats of Human Learning--An Interpretative Model. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1996.
Problems and Prospects in American Higher Education Approaching the Year 2000 A.D. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1997.
The Benefits of Using Creativity Insights/Guidelines in Curriculum Development. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1997. Three Major Social Problems Influencing Educational Processes in the USA in the 1990 s: A Personal Perspective. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1997.
Reflections on Issues/Trends in Educational Anthropology Influencing Educational Processes in the USA in the 1990 s. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1997.
Collecting \Wildflowers/Medicinal Plants in the USA--Montgomery County, Maryland: An Adjunct to Artistic Creativity--A Summary. Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1997.
Learning Styles-Strategies for Learners: Research Applications--Mentoring, Personal Growth Enhancement, and Lifelong Planning. (A Workbook.) Derwood, MD: A. Givan, 1997.
Learning Styles: The Keys to Creative Teaching--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, 1998. One Credit Hour--Ed. 600 (NDSU, Fargo, ND).
Seeing Yourself in Your Students--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, 1998. One hour credit--T&L 900 (UND, Grand Forks, ND).
Problem-solving Oriented Teaching--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, 1998.
Practical Approaches for Teacher Improvement--A Syllabus. Aaron Givan, 1998.
Problem-Based Teaching/Learning: Reframing/Refining for the 21st Century-A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan. 1998. Rolla, ND:
Professional- Excellence Program (PEP). Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, 1999.
Multicultural Education--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, 2001.
Foundations of Education--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, 2001.
Authentic Assessment--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, 2001.
Five Syllabi in Psychology. Syllabi for five progressively higher classes for an undergrad program at TMCC, Belcourt, ND. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, Winter, 2002.
Five Syllabi in Sociology. Syllabi for five progressively higher classes for an undergrad program at TMCC, Belcourt, ND. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, Spring, 2003.
Training in Applied Ethics--Policies and Procedures: A Training/Curriculum Module. An administrative tool for online training in Applied Ethics at the certification, undergrad, and masters level. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, Nov. 2003.
Applied Ethics for Today. A workbook. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, 12/2003, 2004.
Values, Ethics, and Character Development--A Syllabus. Rolla, ND: Aaron Givan, 2004.


(See also: professionaldevelopmentinstitute.org, center4.org, teachingandlearning.us, metavoicesystems.com, ethicsclasses.com, artbyaaron.com)

Aaron Lee Givan, Ph.D.
Consultant and Educator
MAIL: P. O. Box 318
123-125 Foussard Street, SE
St. John, ND 58369-0318
FEDEX/UPS: 401 First Street, NE
Rolla, ND, 58367
VOICE: (701) 477-5455

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